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Bethune Benes

Bethune Benes is big league talent in a small firm environment. Decades of sophisticated, complex commercial, corporate, real estate, and litigation experience in large law firms inform our practice at Bethune Benes, with one caveat: No red tape. We are free to serve clients according to their needs and resources.

For clients that need smart, experienced, and trustworthy legal counsel and representation, our lawyers are on point every time; all the time. We are responsive, resourceful, and resolute.

Get to Know Bethune Benes

At Bethune Benes, we represent individuals, investors, and businesses—from start-ups to established companies—throughout Washington, DC, Maryland, Virginia, and beyond in business litigation, corporate law, and commercial real estate transactions. We take pride in our ability to solve complex problems, spot client growth opportunities, and close client deals of all nature and scope, working expediently and economically.

Thanks to our operational flexibility and strategic agility—a commitment to thinking outside the box—we can offer our clients the best of all worlds. The fact that most of them originate through satisfied client recommendations further supports our high value on responsiveness, resourcefulness, and commitment to meeting your needs and providing top-notch services.

Partner Level Attention

Bethune Benes presents an entirely different experience for clients who don't want to be passed from team to team of junior attorneys working on their cases. We consistently give partner-level attention and hold each other accountable, placing high importance on continuity in representation. Clients who prefer to entrust concerns to us and step away from the complexities can do so confidently. For clients who prefer to be more involved, we constantly inform them with the same partner, avoiding unnecessary delays.
Our partners get to know client sensitivities and risk profiles, and they work to understand motivations and goals. Importantly, they become an integral part of their team and an anchor they can trust.

Our Focus

We focus a significant part of our civil litigation practice on resolving general commercial and internal business and governance disputes for individuals and a full range of business enterprises, including limited liability companies, real estate holding companies, government contractors, and technology sector businesses.

We are particularly well-suited to handle business litigation, including breach of contract issues, non-compete agreements, and contentious business partner break-ups. We bring our extensive experience in civil torts, including defamation, tortious interference, breach of fiduciary duty, fraud, conspiracy, trade secret and intellectual property litigation, construction disputes, and trust and estate contests.

Our experience representing plaintiffs and defendants gives us insight into both sides of a case and helps avoid time-wasting “side-biased” arguments. We apply our 360-degree view to focus on the facts and arrive at our arguments' winning approach and tone.

While our cases are primarily handled in Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia courts, our clientele is nationwide.

Our Approach

Coupled with deep experience in cases that range from challenging to routine and everything in between, the relationships we develop with our clients ensure that we base case strategy on realities and likely results, not empty promises. Litigation is an ongoing strategy that can quickly escalate costs, time, reputation, and money. But with our vast experience, we work to position our clients and their cases to receive the best possible result while saving them wasted motion and resources. We work closely with our clients to lay out the full picture of their cases. We factor in their motivations and goals as we present potential outcomes, timelines, and budgets and uphold our steadfast commitment to keeping clients informed each step of the way.

 Bethune Benes' lawyers provide consistent partner-level representation and advice when a complaint is served or a second demand letter is sent. Whether we are lead counsel or local counsel, lawyer accountability and responsibility dominate our service credo, and a satisfied client is our greatest reward. We work from every angle to provide responsive, resourceful, and resolute representation. In every case, we treat your case as if it were our own. We are honest with the court, loyal to the client, and will zealously promote your interests as far as we can to reach the optimal result.

Civil and Commercial Litigation

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Corporate and Commercial

Bethune Benes’ attorneys offer companies of all sizes and types—throughout Washington DC, Virginia, and Maryland—full-service knowledge, experience, and know-how...

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